Participate in the APEA/AFT Member Survey

We are all aware of our state’s challenging financial and funding problems.  And you have no doubt heard ‘way too much opinion regarding how to address-resolve-remediate-fix that situation.

APEA has been urging that a financial plan be created and a plan be put in place to address the situation, but we have not been more specific about how the situation ought to be addressed.

Before we become more specific in our recommendations, we need the input and opinion of our membership.

APEA has developed a web based survey to solicit and obtain the opinions of the membership as to how the state’s financial situation ought to be addressed.  Please complete the survey at your earliest convenience.  The survey will close on Tuesday, 22 February 2017.

We have many but not all members’ email addresses.  We will distribute this link to as many people as possible, but please check with other APEA members and make sure they have received the link (and please urge them to complete the survey). 

Upon completion of the survey, we will share the results with members, and the survey will be the basis of any “state financial fix” position adopted by the APEA Board of Directors.

Survey Results