Convention and the Value of our AFT Affiliations -- By APEA/AFT President, Cecily Hodges

Cecily Hodges, President APEA  

Cecily Hodges, President APEA  

As this edition of our newsletter goes into distribution, I and several of your Local Union leaders will be attending the 100th Anniversary Convention    of our national affiliate union, the American Federation of Teachers     (AFT), AFL-CIO. 

Like our own APEA Biennial Caucus (to be held this October), AFT’s convention occurs every other year.  While the convention is certainly enjoyable – one meets new friends and activists for worker rights, renews acquaintanceships with “old” friends and activists and learns about activities, campaigns and challenges around the country – the convention is also extremely work-intensive.  

The convention delegates consider, debate, refine and take or decline action on a huge variety of resolutions, policy statements and expressions of our common values; we set and prioritize goals for the next 2 years of our union’s business; and we elect national officers. 

I am always daunted at the beginning of each convention regarding how much work the delegates are asked to do; and I am always pleased and proud at the end of each convention about how successfully the delegates have addressed and completed their work.

And then, we will take those decisions, those lessons, those experiences and bring them to APEA’s own 2016 Caucus in October, and APEA’s delegates will do the same work, albeit with a localized focus on Alaska and APEA’s 23 Local Unions. 

We are busy, very busy, but we are accomplishing significant and important work – both nationwide and locally.  

Please consider joining us, and assisting our efforts – more hands lighten the load, more participation and involvement improves the decisions and their results – and we all have a strong, personal interest in the work, because the work addresses the improvement and strengthening of each of our work assignments, work environments and personal careers.