We presume most members are aware that 2016 is an APEA Biennial Caucus year, when we gather, meet, discuss and debate our goals, priorities, plans and aspirations for the organization and elect state officers.  As a result of the 2014 Caucus’ APEA Constitutional changes, there are some important rule and procedure changes taking effect this year:

First, the nomination process for APEA President and Secretary-Treasurer are dramatically changed – nominations actually opened on 22 June and WILL CLOSE on 20 September. No more at-caucus nominations!  On 30 September 2016, nominations will be announced. Voting will take place at caucus, just as it always has, but the nomination process will be completed and closed before caucus begins.

Similarly, the process of amending APEA’s Constitution is changed – 22 June was the opening date for Locals to submit proposed constitutional amendments and 20 September is the deadline for submission of any proposed constitutional amendment.  The Constitution Committee will meet before Caucus, review and make its recommendations regarding the proposed amendments and a booklet of proposed amendments, with committee recommendations, will be part of delegates’ caucus packet at the beginning of caucus. 

These are very significant changes in APEA’s traditional amendment and election procedures, please note them and be sure to take all necessary preparatory steps to assure that any amendments you wish to propose or candidate you wish to nominate is done in a timely manner.