Representative Paul Seaton, Chair, House Health and Social Services Committee, is a strong supporter of Vitamin D as a way to improve health and reduce medical costs. Research shows that healthy Vitamin D levels help reduce diabetes, breast cancer, and improve recovery after surgery as well as many other illnesses. 

To help support the health of state employees and lower medical costs, Representative Seaton has negotiated a state employee discount for Vitamin D from the Piping Rock Company. Below, please find a discount coupon Piping Rock is providing with this newsletter. 

Representative Seaton’s office has communicated appreciation for APEA/AFT’s support of preventative health. If APEA/AFT members have any questions about the benefits of Vitamin D, please visit his webpage at: and scroll to the bottom left side column where information regarding Vitamin D research may be accessed. 

To view the results of the Vitamin D initiative Rep. Seaton conducted in the Homer area, please visit:

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