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Supervisory Unit
Local 4900

The State of Alaska enacted the Public Employees Relations Act in 1972 and the Supervisors were some of the first employees to petition for representation. The SU makes up three chapters within APEA/AFT;  Southcentral, Southeast and Northern Chapters  is comprised of approximately 2,400 members. Members may serve in various capacities from employee representative to local chapter officer to executive board member. 

The purpose of the SU shall be:​ 


  • To secure collective bargaining rights for all employees who are eligible for membership.

  • To advance the economic, social, and political well being of the membership.

  • To promote the improvement of employment standards and advance the ideals and welfare of the membership.

  • To support and further the aims of the APEA/AFT State Federation. 

  • To promote the well being of the State of Alaska.

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For more information regarding SU and membership, please email Jesse Slone, the current president, or contact one of the APEA Field Offices using the form below.

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