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TOTEM Association of Educational Support Personnel
Local 6265

In 1967, several Anchorage School District secretaries got together to form an association to improve educational opportunities and working conditions for the educational and instructional support personnel of ASD.  These early TOTEM pioneers had great foresight in what an organized membership could accomplish. Today, TOTEM Association continues this tradition by representing and conducting collective bargaining for over 1300 administrative and instructional ASD support personnel.  Through  Membership meetings and committee participation, TOTEM strives to meet the needs of its members.

TOTEM's goal is to promote:

  • Professional growth and recognition of educational support personnel as professional members of the educational team.

  • Commitment to position, profession and community.

  • Economic and professional welfare of the membership through the collective bargaining process.

  • Continuing education.

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TOTEM Resources:

TOTEM Board of Directors

Collective Bargaining Agreement - eff. 7/1/21 through 6/30/24

TOTEM Bylaws 

TOTEM Membership form

TOTEM Website


Would you like more information about TOTEM and membership? If so, contact us today!


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