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Supervisory Unit #4900 Negotiators Election Information

Countryside Road

Voting Information

In accordance with the Supervisory Unit Bylaws, an election is required for each region when more than one negotiator has been nominated for the position. This year, the Southeast Region and the Southcentral Region will be holding elections for negotiators. The nominee with the highest vote will be the primary negotiator for that region while the nominee with the second highest vote will be the alternate.

Here are the submitted biographies for the nominees:

Southcentral Region:

Alfred Birtz

Joseph Caissie

Janelle Mullen

Joel St Aubin

Jimmie Wallace

Michael Williams

Southeast Region:

Madison Gambala

Larry Owen

Jesse Slone

Electronic Voting will be open from August 1 through August 15, 2023. An email has been mailed to all SU voting members in their respective regions with a unique username and password. You will use this information to log on to Eballot and make your choice. Please contact an APEA Office with any questions. Please note that you are only voting for negotiators from your own region.

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