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2022 Biennial Caucus

Please plan on joining us for the 2022 APEA/AFT Biennial Caucus on Friday, October 28, and Saturday, October 29 in Anchorage, Alaska at the Captain Cook Hotel. Caucus is designed to provide APEA/AFT leadership with direction for the next two years.


Over those two days delegate meetings will be held for the election of APEA/AFT President, APEA/AFT Secretary/Treasurer, and the Employees Political Information Committee (EPIC) board members and officers. Caucus offers the opportunity to set goals, create resolutions, and make constitutional changes. Regional caucus constituency, and committee meetings, provide delegates with information and ideas to take back to their Locals. By bringing together multiple delegates from each Local, it strengthens communication and leadership opportunities throughout our union. APEA/AFT has made a strong commitment to continued leadership and education. Members who have attended the past Caucus’ have found it to be very informative. 

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